SRF Webinar Series

Karthik Rajasekaran, PhD

Cannabinoids. What do we know?

Dr. Standfield, Edinburgh

Join us for the first #SRFwebinar of 2021! "Cognition, behaviour and clinical trials in #SYNGAP1" is at 4:30 pm GMT on Thursday, January 14th, 2021. Register via the button below.

Dr. Sanders, UCSF

Dr. Stephan Sanders of UCSF presents “SYNGAP1 in the Developing Human Cortex” on Friday, November 6th at 9 AM Pacific.

Dr. Coba, USC

Dr. Marcelo Coba gave a talk on November 5th at noon Pacific, titled How & why to use human cellular models to study Syngap1. Dr. Coba has SRF grant 20-1 to support organoid work.

Dr. Mefford, UW

Dr. Heather C. Mefford gave a talk on Thursday, October 15th titled SYNGAP1: The road from gene discovery to targeted therapy. Dr. Mefford is a Geneticist and a member of the SRF SAB.

Dr. Clement, JNCASR

Dr. James Clement gave a talk on Thursday, October 3rd titled Towards therapeutics for Autism Spectrum Disorder using Syngap1 heterozygous mouse model.

Dr. Huganir, Hopkins

Dr. Richard Huganir gave a talk titled Rescue of SynGAP expression in SYNGAP1 Syndrome: Antisense Oligonucleotides (ASOs), small molecules, and viral genetic rescue on September 17th at 9 AM Pacific.

Elise Brimble, CGC, Ciitizen

Ms. Brimble — formerly of Stanford Genetics and currently a member of the SRF SAB — gave a talk titled Leveraging technology to improve access to rare disease research on Thursday, August 20th.

Dr. Smith-Hicks, Hopkins

Dr. Smith-Hicks gave a talk on August 5th entitled Biomarker Development a path towards clinical trial readiness in SYNGAP1.

Dr. Elizabeth Heller, UPenn Epigenetics

Dr. Heller gave a talk about how Epigenetics research will benefit the SynGAP community on Monday, August 3rd, 9 am Pacific.

Dr. Bateup, UC Berkeley

Dr. Helen Bateup gave a talk titled Loss of SynGAP function in the striatum leads to altered motor & habit learning on July 16th.

Dr. Kadam, Hopkins

Dr. Shilpa Kadam gave a talk titled SYNGAP1 Epilepsy Research: Insights into mechanisms and therapies on July 2nd, 2020.

Dr. Rumbaugh, Scripps

Dr. Rumbaugh gave a talk titled SYNGAP1 Research Roadmap on June 18th, 2020.

Dr. Jimmy Holder

Dr. Holder Presents: SYNGAP1 in Translation: From Deep Phenotyping to Human Neurons