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Our founders cover all organizational overhead, so 100% of your donation goes to grants.  This page is where all your donations go: we find labs where the PI has knowledge of SynGAP and/or key skills that will be essential for our quest for a therapy for our patients and we support those labs.

The Syngap Research Fund is eager to provide high-impact research grants to interested physicians and researchers worldwide to accelerate diagnosis and management of SynGAP1 syndrome.

Please complete SRF’s grant application if you are interested in applying for funding to conduct SynGAP1 research.

Note: SRF has a Board-directed policy that does not allow for the payment of indirect costs to nonprofit institutions.


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Purpose: Develop and characterize iPSC lines to support grant 19/2.

Funding: $130,000 over three years to support some of the training of a postdoctoral researcher.

Key people: Jimmy Lloyd Holder Jr, MD, PhD & Ridhima Vij Ph.D.

Status: Approved, Signed, 67% disbursed.


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Purpose: To test the hypothesis that the pathogenicity of distinct SYNGAP1 variants found in patients will correlate with the extent of dysfunction in neurons derived from their own cells.

Funding: $205,500 over three years to support the training of a postdoctoral researcher.

Key people: Gavin Rumbaugh, Ph.D. & Nerea Llamosas PhD

Status: Approved, Signed, 100% disbursed.


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Purpose: Research on SynGAP animal models & to explore naturally occuring ASOs that relate to SynGAP.

Funding: $500,000 over two years to support the training of two postdoctoral researchers and the related supplies.

Key people: Richard Huganir, PhD


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Purpose: Support the 2019 Precision Medicine for Epilepsy Conference

Funding: $10,000 to UCSF for conference support.

Key people: Daniel Lowenstein, MD

Status: 100% disbursed.


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Purpose: Support the purchase of a Willow MEA to enhance research into SynGAP organoids.

Funding: $46,500 to USC to purchase a Willow.

Key people: Marcelo Pablo Coba, PhD & Giorgia Quadrato, PhD

Status: 100% disbursed.


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Purpose: Develop a rich body of knowledge around the epigenetics of SYNGAP1.

Funding: $130,000 to Penn Epigenetics Center.

Key people: Elizabeth Heller, PhD

Press Release.


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Purpose: Development and Validation of a Neurobehavioral Evaluation Tool. See blog.

Funding: $14,200 to John Carrol University

Key people: Thomas Frazier, PhD

Status: Agreement signed, 50% disbursed.

Ciitizen Study

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Create a Digital Natural History Study for SYNGAP1. For more information, read the blog post.

Patient Derived Cell Lines

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Accelerate work on patient derived cell lines.

Multidisciplinary Biomarker

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Biomarkers - Developmental Synaptopathies Consortium (DSC)

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Delivery of SYNGAP1 mRNA to SYNGAP1 mutant mice through milk exosomes

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SYNGAP1 Patient Derived Cell Lines for Collaboration

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SYNGAP1 Online Patient Discovery Tool

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Hematopoietic stem cell for SYNGAP1

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Canada Models

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