Hong Kong
4 years old
October 28, 2020


We discovered Ari had global developmental delay at 18 months and started OT, PT, and Speech Therapy shortly after. Although his learning pace is far behind other kids he progresses every day. He is an adorable kid that everyone loves when they first meet him. Ari has not been given an autism diagnosis. His therapists have said his social skills are the best among all of his skill sets.

We knew there was better explanation to his delays, soon we realized that he was having seizures. He had an EEG and genetic testing done, which confirmed our suspicions. Ari was finally diagnosed with Syngap1 just 12 days before his 4th birthday.

After all of these years we learned to focus on what he CAN do instead of what he cannot. Ari is always a happy boy, he loves music, water, and loves seeing trains. He is a sensitive boy that can feel our love and responds to it. Ari is our little angel that comes to heal us and teach us what true love is.

Getting the Syngap1 diagnosis from the doctor may have been one of the worst days of our lives but then our days have only gotten better as we have been able to see him progressing and improving day after day. He will only get better. - Mom

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