5 years old
October 6, 2021


Brenden was diagnosed with syngap1 back in 2019. Brenden has epilepsy. By the age of 1 we noticed that Brenden had delays. He wasn't crawling or showing signs and wasn't trying to talk. By 1.5 yrs old we were into therapy OT, Physiotherapy and Speech. A few weeks after his 2nd Birthday we noticed his first seizure. A couple weeks after Brenden began to walk with a walking aid. To this day Brenden is walking with AFOs. Brenden is doing amazing with matching colors and shapes on a tablet but to do it without a tablet is a struggle. Brenden loves painting at school and loves to be around his friends from his class Brenden loves the outdoors. If he could stay outside all day everyday he would. He loves playing in water as well as LOVES slides. If there is a slide around thats where you will find him. Some challenges he faces are behaviour and frustration. He also struggles feeding himself but is trying to figure a fork and spoon. Brenden has accomplished being to sign 'more / help /all done' and recognizing some animals and making some sounds and flapping arms for birds

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