Flasher, North Dakota, USA
4 years old
April 8, 2020


Eli was diagnosed with Syngap1 at 2 years old. We started to notice he was developing slower than his peers around age 1. Eli had yet to start talking or babbling much at all and was very unsteady and unable to walk. Seizures began right before his 2nd birthday.

Eli is nonverbal but he has started to babble a lot more. He tries really hard to talk now so we are hoping with continued speech therapy we will start to hear more words. Eli can sign up to 40+ words! Along with speech therapy, he also attends PT and OT weekly.

Eli loves music, animals, and spending time outdoors. He really loves to visit his grandparents farms and get rides on the tractor and 4wheeler. Eli has 2 older brothers that adore him and are big helpers. Eli has the best smile, laugh, and dance moves!

- Mom

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