California, USA
14 years old
June 26, 2019


She was diagnosed with SYNGAP1 around age 6, after years of genetic testing. She was born healthy but began showing signs of developmental delay from about 6 months old. She didn't crawl, eat solids or babble like other kids. She began early intervention and various therapies from age 1. She has been in a special education program since age 3, which is around the time her petit mal seizures began. Her early diagnosis was hypotonia, developmental delay, gross motor delay and epilepsy among many others. Today she goes to school, has private speech therapy 2x a week and in-home ABA support 2x a week. She loves her teachers and is one of the hardest working girls we know. Her 7th grade year was a little rough, as she is transitioning from a young girl to teenager. Thankfully she is verbal and can communicate basic needs, although writing and complex motor activities are still difficult for her. She loves using devices, typing, and listening to music on YouTube. Although many things are difficult for her, she is a happy girl who is eager to learn and loves her family.

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