9 years old
July 13, 2022


Eric is 9 years old from Stockholm, Sweden. Eric was diagnosed on June 14, 2016, the first one in Stockholm to receive the diagnosis. He does suffer from epilepsy. Eric loves to listen to music (especially Christmas songs), watch subways and elevators on his iPad , jigsaws and go horseback riding. He also loves to press buttons for doors to open and close, for example in malls. He also loves to go on trains, buses, subways etc.Eric is doing very well in school, he can count and knows a lot of letters in the alphabet. He knows how to spell his name and he is very good at riding a horse. He has a great memory and remembers people and places from long ago. He is a happy kid who understands irony and can make people laugh. He loves to cuddle. He loves animals and is very happy to help with tasks at home such as setting the table, turning on the washer etc.It is challenging for Eric when we don’t stop by the buttons when he wants to press them or when we don’t ride the subway that he wants to go on. It is also difficult for Eric to pause/quit an activity that he enjoys, then he responds by screaming and holding his hand up to his ears. He is also a runner and takes every opportunity given to run away.

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