Massachusetts, USA
4 years old
February 13, 2019


Erich is a beautiful boy who is about to turn 4. He is our little alarm clock, making sure we rise and shine nice and early. More than anything, Erich loves attention and to make people happy. Often, he is more interested in a persons’ response than completing the actual task at hand. Everyday, he works very hard in his therapies and at school. He loves to eat ice-cream and to be outside walking around and looking for trucks and tires. He also enjoys swimming, hanging out in his Thomas the Train tent, swinging and climbing. He is starting to explore different drawers in the kitchen and other rooms, looking for interesting things to put in his mouth. He also enjoys riding horses and playing hide and seek. His absolute favorite thing to do is snuggle with mama and papa to watch Stinky and Dirty on Amazon prime. We are waiting for the next season in great anticipation. We hope that Erich will be able to communicate his needs and remain happy and alert. Ultimately, we are always hopeful for a treatment to increase his Syngap protein production levels.

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