Ontario, Canada
8 years old
July 22, 2020


Evan has a fraternal twin brother Noah.  He lives with his parents, brother and his best friend our Bulldog Bubba. 

After 7 years of MRI, EEG’s, assessments, OT,PT, behavior therapy,  speech therapy, specialist and finally Genetic testing we were diagnosed June 2020 with Syngap 1!  He is currently non verbal but uses a speech device and some sign language and is in weekly speech therapy.

Evan has a love for technology (specifically YouTube) He enjoys horse riding therapy, swimming, rides, music/dancing, fireworks and has the best giggle I’ve ever heard. He has a smile that lights up a room and is generally a happy guy. He does like to Elope when he gets the chance.  He has difficulties with transition, especially if we are driving and he thinks we are going somewhere we are not.

- Mom

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