Montréal, Québec
23 years old
December 4, 2019


When he was 4 years old, we learned he was intellectually disabled and autistic. In 2011, Francis was diagnosed at the age of 15 by Dr. Jacques Michaud. We never dreamed that we would one day discover the cause of his condition. Francis has not displayed any signs of having seizures. For our son, behaviors are the most challenging.

Before the age of 13, Francis was hospitalized twice in a mental hospital due to aggressive behaviors. At the age of 13, we found a special home for him that could cater to his needs to the fullest. Putting Francis into a home was the hardest decision of our families lives. As a mother it broke my heart immensely to do so. But life has it’s way to make you slowly stronger.

Now Francis comes home every other weekend and is still greatly attached to his family. We are still a very strong family unit. Francis has an older sister (age 25) who has become a special needs teacher. He has impacted all of our lives in a positive way and taught us many things along the way.

- Chantal (Mom)

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