Istanbul, Turkey
10 years old
December 22, 2021


We live in Istanbul Turkey. Ihsan is our first child, he is 10 years old and was diagnosed with SYNGAP1 about 6 months ago. Ihsan is generally a happy child. He loves playing with his friends at school, swimming, cycling, riding tractor with his grandfather to the fields, fighting with his brother and watching videos on youtube.

As his family, we noticed that Ihsan had some developmental problems at the age of 2. We struggled for a long time to find out what the problem was, meeting many doctors, psychologists and child development experts, but could not find a clear answer. Some disorders were detected in Ihsan's EEG, but he was not diagnosed with epilepsy because he had no seizures.

Ihsan has taken many therapies to overcome general developmental problems, these threpies include such as special education, sensory integration therapy, speech therapy, social presence and sports training. And he benefited from all these activities and his development continued. We saw that children like Ihsan develop when they get the right treatments,  So, it is very important for our children to continue right threpies without getting tired. 

Although it is a bit difficult to understand, Ihsan can speak, read and write, and makes an effort to learn simple mathematics. A few years ago, we thought it was impossible for her to do these things but he did. Ihsan is very happy to be in social environments and wants to participate and be accepted. We hope Ihsan will have a life of his own in the future, and hope that he will achieve this with new medicines and treatment methods.

As his parents, we learned a lot from Ihsan, to accept and struggle patiently. We also had new family friends that their children also have developmental problems such as autism. We contribute to the development of our children by sharing our experiences together.

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