Canton, Georgia
6 years old
January 12, 2022


Jackson was diagnosed in December of 2021. Prior to SYNGAP1 diagnosis he was not diagnosed with Epilepsy, his Epilepsy diagnosis was confirmed January 2022.

Jackson is 6 years old. He spent the first 3 years of life living by the beach in sunny Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We now live in Canton, Georgia.

Jackson is a funny, smart and energetic little man. He loves to swim, go for boat and golf cart rides. He is our little dare devil, he loves to ride rollercoasters, water slides and drive fast cars. When Jackson is home he loves to listen to music, watch movies, wrestle with his Dad and flip through his favorite books. Jackson is blessed to have a strong support system surrounded by grandparents, family and friends that love him and have been part of his journey since the beginning. Like most Syngapian children, Jackson has significant daily struggles with communication, sleep, feeding, behavior and digestive issues. Having a personalized support system from providers at Fusion Autism Center of Canton, Path 2 Progress Speech and Dr. Peter Scire (Functional Neurologist) have been instrumental in helping Jackson overcome his challenges. Over the years his team of doctors and therapists have become like family and understand Jackson's unique characteristics. Knowing Jackson has Syngap hasn’t changed the way we look at our son, but it has brought into focus the parts of him that were never fully clear and allows us to pray for a future filled with scientific advancements and raising awareness.

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