5 years old
July 17, 2019


He was diagnosed in the age of 2 years. The smile and laugh of this little guy can melt hearts. Jamie loves water, music and watching videos. Especially those of his own adventures. He enjoys his daily visits at his favorite places like the supermarket and the train station. There he practices his motor skills in his wheelchair and his walker. However, what he likes most is being on tour with his family. Whether it’s for a day out and about, a family holiday or traveling to meet other Syngap families. He likes to increase awareness about SYNGAP Elternhilfe, the German patient organization.

Jamie struggles most with two topics. 1. Transitions, he can’t cope with the ending of fun activities and starting something else. 2. Lack of speech is a huge topic for him as for many other syngapians. Sounds and syllables came and disappeared again. To overcome this, he has an AAC device that helps him to communicate with people around him by the use of symbols.

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