Queensland, Australia
12 years old
October 2, 2020


Jordyn is 12-years old and lives in Queensland Australia with her parents and younger brother.

Jordyn was diagnosed with Syngap1 in 2015 through an epilepsy study.  Jordy has Autism, epilepsy, intellectual impairment, vision and physical impairments as well as sleep and behaviour issues.

Jordyn loves animals, horse riding, playing her iPad and all types of transport.  She also loves wheelchairs and walkers although she doesn’t require them.

Jordyn is a bit of a dare devil and loves the big waterslides at the pool, going fast in dad’s boat and big rides. Jordy also wants to ride a cow!

Jordyn has a beautiful smile and it can be infectious along with her laugh.

Jordyn has trouble regulating her emotions and has many meltdowns.

She can also get obsessed about things like going on the road.

We are tying hard to find more specialised services to help Jordyn, it has been a long road but we aren’t giving up.”

Jordyn has a FB page at Jordyn’s Syngap Life and a gofundme page setup to help cover the costs of specialized medical care that she desperately needs as well as an assistance dog.

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