The Netherlands
3.5 years old
April 24, 2019


Hello everyone, my name is Lars Punt I am 3.5 years old and I am from the Netherlands. Two weeks ago you were able to read my brother's story and now it's my turn.

Since I was 1.5 years old I knew that I have syngap1 just like my brother (Nick). Although we are identical twins, we are still different. But with many things we look alike and we are the same in our development. My biggest challenge is food. I have had a PEG probe for over a year. It helps me to get enough food and drink. Even though I don't feel like eating. Just like my brother, I have epilepsy. You will not see it because the epilepsy is under control with my medication.

I talk to everyone a lot. But I don't get understood. But that is because I make many sounds instead of words. We do have some resources to start communicating, but I don't understand a thing. Instead I make everyone laugh and then I have a lot of fun too.

Furthermore, I am not in a hurry to develop. I can crawl a little but then I will stop. I still have a nice wheelchair where my mom and dad can transport me. It also fits in our beautiful new bus. But I also get a nice walker and a standing table. With that, I learn to stand and maybe walk. But I have more difficulty with that than my brother.

We are very happy with all these tools, but they take up a lot of space. My mom and dad are busy making our house even bigger. And then my brother and I will get a nice bedroom on the ground floor. And a bathtub in the bathroom. Because I don't like a shower at all. A shower makes me completely overwhelmed and then I scream. With a lot of practice I think the bath is ok. As long as they don't wet my hair or face.

I hope you enjoyed my story and my brother's. If you want to see or hear us more often, you can check out our blog on Facebook “Syngap Twins"

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