Massachusetts, USA
8 years old
March 20, 2019


The older sibling of Syngap sisters! At about 6-9 months old, we started noticing she wasn't hitting any of her milestones and we started with early intervention. Lily started sitting unsupported around 18 months, she crawled at 2 years, and walked at 2.5 years old. She was diagnosed with epilepsy just before age 3 and has gone through multiple medication changes to get her seizures under control. Lily has never verbally spoken a word and doesn't have the gross motor planning to sign. She communicates using a device with LAMP and with her many facial expressions and gestures. Lily has a smile as bright as the sun and shows her love with the biggest bear hugs and puckered up kisses. Lily loves water and roller coasters! She just started swimming for our local special olympics swim team and we couldn't be more proud. Lily is one determined little girl and always rises above her daily challenges!

- Mom of Lily & Elise

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