Moscow, Russia
12 years old
September 29, 2021


Our daughter was born healthy, developed normally up to 5 months. Doctors noted muscle weakness, developmental delay, and strabismus. At the age of 1 she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and we began to visit hospitals and rehabilitate. At the age of 2, epilepsy appeared and rehabilitation was stopped. According to MRI, there are no pathologies, EEG constantly register seizures. Medication doesn't help much.

At the age of 3, Lisa began to walk. Lisa has limited development. She does not speak and understands little of the speech being addressed. Epilepsy persists, a wobbly gait, intellectual disability. Syngap1 was diagnosed only at 10 years old.

Lisa has a younger brother, he is healthy and takes care of her and loves her. Lisa loves music, especially piano and guitar lessons. Likes to ride buses, elevators and metro. She likes dogs and is very fond of swimming in the pool or the sea.

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