Prosper, Texas, USA
17 years old
April 29, 2020


Mabry lives with her mom, dad and two brothers. She loves horses, tractors, boats, trains, Ford Mustangs, police cars, fire trucks and motorcycles…basically anything that goes fast! She loves her family and her people fiercely. She enjoys listening to music on her iPad…it is usually children’s songs about her favorite things…and a lot of the time she is listening to them in Portuguese. Mabry’s dad pushes her in half marathons all over the state of Texas! She loves to be on the move…so we drive A LOT!

Mabry just recently received her Syngap1 diagnosis in October of 2019 after a repeat genetic test (the third round). She also has Epilepsy and Autism. Mabry is considered non-verbal and uses signs and gestures for a lot of her communication, but she has words that her family and close friends are able to understand. We deal with meltdowns and behaviors consistent with Autism. Mabry is stubborn, persistent, determined, smart, sneaky, loving, hysterical and goofy all at the same time. She is my hero!


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