Michigan, USA
4 years old
August 21, 2019


Melody is for the most part, good natured and easy going. She has been walking for a year now and has enjoyed the mobility. Although, her endurance and balance is still not great. Luckily she loves riding in her wheelchair! Some of Melody’s favorite things include animals (especially dogs), pb&j sandwiches, water, and snuggles. In her 4 years of life she has already endured X-rays, MRI’s, blood draws, and countless hours of therapy. The areas we struggle with is Melody’s lack of communication skills (she is nonverbal) and sleeping. We currently are working on just the right dose of medications to help with her sleeping. Getting the diagnosis of #syngap1 in September of last year, was an answer to our prayer as we were able to put a name to her developmental delays. Finding other families who share our struggle has been very helpful as we navigate the #syngap world with our sweet girl.

- Anna (Mom)

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