Bath, England
8 years old
May 13, 2020


Molly was diagnosed in September last year after being part of a genome sequencing study. The geneticist said that she has it mild. Molly suffers from no seizures. Her main challenges are her learning disability, communication, and fine motor skills. She is a happy little girl except for when she can’t get her own way.  She is able to communicate verbally at a basic level. Her best sentence to date is ‘I can’t do it mum help me do it. Molly has slept 12 hours a night solid from 4 weeks old. She is also toilet trained for #1 but not #2.

Molly loves food and eats everything apart from olives. She has always loved books. Molly loves stickers, water play, swimming. She is in top set for swimming in her resource base class at school! Molly love horse back riding, the beach, and holidaying.

Molly can ride a bike with stabilizers on. She loves to run free, which terrifies us as she has zero sense of danger.  She’s a reluctant learner but knows her numbers and knows around 12 letters. She is starting to be able to put letters together to form simple 3 letter words. Molly would watch tv or iPad 24/7 if we let her.  She gets obsessed with tv programs for months and we all have to adopt names from the show!  Her current obsession is fireman Sam. Molly has a great sense of humor - to the point it can be used to diffuse her temper. She brings us joy and frustration in equal measure.

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