Massachusetts, USA
3 years old
September 18, 2019


Myla will be turning 3 at the end of November. She was born 6 weeks early and spent the first 3 weeks of her life in the hospital learning the art of eating (suck, swallow, breathe) and came home 3 weeks later.

Myla is the most loving baby, constantly wants to be hugged, held and snuggled. Just recently she learned how to give kisses, it’s positively adorable!

She has an older sister named Everly and she is very protective of Myla. Everly doesn’t let Myla’s challenges get in the way of playing with her and loving her unconditionally.

Myla was diagnosed with #Syngap1 just before her 2nd birthday. She has global developmental delays but she makes awesome progress each week. We are thankful to live in a state that provides such great services for her. The hospital and therapy staff she works with are amazing! Myla has ABA sessions M-F from 8-1 with an additional hour of PT, OT, Speech and Music Therapy per week. While she is still non verbal we make sure to celebrate all of her accomplishments. Myla communicates with us by using pictures (PECS) and with intentional eye contact.

She’s the absolute love of our lives!

Watch Myla's aunt Susan's webinar about fundraising!

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