Ohio, USA
17 years old
December 23, 2020


My name is James Patrick Jordan. I have epilepsy. It will not stop me. I enjoy special olympics (basketball, flag football, and track), school, church, college football and basketball, collecting college mascots, video games, and Pokemon Go.” When asked what he would want other kids who have disabilities to know he said, “with disabilities you are different from others. It is okay, it makes you special.”

In April of 2020 after his first grand mal seizure, Patrick was diagnosed with Syngap1. After over 15 years of searching, I’m still wrapping my head around the fact we finally have an answer.

Patrick is a warrior in every sense. He is truly the bravest and toughest person I know. He has a pure soul, a huge heart, and loves to help others. He is persistent, stubborn, and strong willed. Patrick loves sports and tries hard at everything he does and is a team payer who absolutely LOVES being part of a team.

From the start he has been our puzzle. For the longest time he needed much less sleep than the rest of us. He had chronic ear infections, delayed sitting, walking, and talking. Delayed enough for us to sense something was not right - but not enough to raise a red flag with doctors.

At 3.5, Patrick was diagnosed with epilepsy. He spent several days in the hospital, followed by months of testing - nothing was found. He was later diagnosed with Dyspraxia, Expressive/Receptive Language disorder, and ADHD. Thankfully his seizures were mostly very mild, hardly noticeable.

With this diagnosis we now have an answer to our questions and a sense of community.

Patrick is a junior in the Floral and Horticulture Program at our local career center. Last year, his Special Olympics basketball team was state runner up in their division (he was recognized with a varsity letter from school!). Patrick played the trombone all through middle school and marched in the band freshman year of high school. He is not afraid of anything, Patrick gives me incredible hope.

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