Lyon, France
12 years old
October 7, 2020


“Paul was diagnosed in 2014 at the Necker Hospital's Imagine Institute in Paris. Paul is my second child and I immediately felt he was delayed in all his milestones. He started eating food from a spoon at 12 months old, crawled at 24 Months and took his first steps at 3 years old. Today he can run, ride his tricycle, ski and ride horses.

He is potty trained and no longer wears diapers for 6 months now. He loves drawing, looking at books but his favorite is to watch cartoons, especially Paw Patrol, Peppa Pig and Scoobidoo and Youtube on the Ipad. He can say a few words and also begins to read basic words. He mainly communicates using signed Makaton, also practiced at his Institute.

Despite a few absence seizures, he is not receiving any treatment for epilepsy.

Paul has a hard time managing his frustrations and transitions can be difficult. He gets mad easily (sometimes with aggressive behaviors toward us) and depending on the situation, he can be difficult to control. After his crisis, he feels bad and come to us for forgiveness because Paul loves hugs and kisses (giving and receiving). He can also have obsessions (at the moment he loves watching  automatic parking gates videos on youtube). Paul is very loving and determined to keep making progress and the difficult moments are easily forgotten.”

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