3.5 years old
March 24, 2021


Ricky was diagnosed with Syngap1 in August of 2020. He has not yet been diagnosed with epilepsy but will be tested again in 2021.

Cow, his stuffed animal, is by far his favorite. Ricky loves water and could spend all day in the pool. He loves to be outside, just roaming around. Music, singing, and instruments are mesmerizing for him. Ricky loves to watch The Voice, American Idol, and Little Baby Bum is his most favorite.

He has most recently learned what his head is thanks to Cocomelon and can point to it and say "heee", which has given us hope that he may be able to speak one day. He’s a very energetic, playful, loving, hilarious little dude.

Ricky is a routine baby and we rely on it heavily, but lately we’ve been trying to try new things like going to eat at a restaurant (sometimes it goes well and sometimes it doesn’t, but practice makes perfect, and Netflix helps). Ricky also has an unrelated mutation in his slc26A4 that caused bilateral hearing loss. We live in a small town with very little resources or inclusivity, but we’ve done what we can to educate and have been lucky enough to find childcare who care for him as best they can, and he has a family full of love and support behind him.

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