Córdoba, Argentina
10 years old
October 27, 2021


Santino was born on December 20th, 2011, in Córdoba, Argentina. His development during the first year was normal, he only had lactose intolerance and some strange movements in his hands. When he was one, we noticed differences compared to other children around the same age, he did not talk, he did not walk and made several unusual movements with his hands and arms. We started with a neurologist and after a year and a half he was diagnosed with speech and global developmental delay, he also started his therapies and daycare. At the age of two he began to walk. In two opportunities he began talking and later he would stop doing it. At 4 years, his diagnosis changed to General Developmental Disorder, unspecified. He continued with his rehabilitation, always achieving important goals. He started school with Waldorf pedagogy and his inclusive teacher. He has never lost his joy and his desire to work. At the same time we made many visits with different medical specialists and alternative treatments and two years ago, various genetic studies. In February of 2021 they gave us his Syngap1 diagnosis. He does not take medication and does not have epilepsy. We start another path again with a lot of uncertainty but with the peace of mind of really knowing what his illness is. He is currently going to 4th grade, he goes to speech therapy, occupational therapy, kinesiology and he has a therapeutic helper. He loves water, music, technology, riding a bike and walking. He communicates through a tablet with a special program and nowadays he is interested in playing with his sister Catalina and his friends. This is briefly a summary of his life ... Thank you for joining us on this path.

Florence and Luciano

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