Tunja, Columbia
11 years old
June 17, 2020


Sarita is from the city of Tunja located in Colombia, South America. She lives with her dad, mom, sister and is sometimes cared for by her best friend Lina.

Starting at 6 months she presented with significant feeding problems and diagnosed at one year with psychomotor retardation, at 2 with epilepsy and at 10 with SYNGAP1.

Sarita likes people and always seeks to please, she is affectionate, expressive, funny, with a pure and gentle heart. Although when frustrated by limitations to express herself she is also stubborn, aggressive and rebellious. A whole earthquake of emotions. She has limited language and it is a constant battle, easily going from a loving hug to a strong grip. She enjoys motorcycle riding with her dad, loves speed, the birthday song, trains, planes, jumping, family trips, water, go to shopping centers and the park, playing with his sister and with the iPad.

We always want to make her happy and provide her with spaces that give her tranquility surrounded by people who love her soul and smiling spirit.

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