3 years old
August 25, 2021


Saydee was diagnosed in November of 2020. She does not have an epilepsy diagnosis but did have her first set of drop seizures in June of 2021. Saydee turns 4 in September and we currently reside in Wisconsin, USA.

Saydee loves to spend as much time outside as possible. She enjoys going to the park with her two sisters, playing ball with Dad, and going for rides on the tractor with Grandpa. Saydee has always had a love for books and loves being read to and having the opportunity to point out items on the pages. Over the past year Saydee has learned to walk, walk up the steps at the park playground, and increased her vocabulary with a mix of words and signs. She continues to work on balance, crawling, getting up from a seated position, maneuvering around objects in her path, increasing her vocabulary, learning her colors, and transitioning to a cup from her bottle.

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