Glasgow, Scotland
14 years old
March 10, 2021


Thomas loves people, loves water and the beach. He is a big adrenaline junkie, loves the fair. He is a big football fan and loves to watch Gillette soccer Saturday.

Thomas was then given an autism diagnosis at the age of 8. Thomas is largely non verbal, however, has some recognizable words. Thomas has problems with eating and sleeping. These are the issues we are still currently battling with. 

Thomas was eventually given his synGAP1 diagnosis in March of 2012 via the DDD study. We were in total shock, as we never thought we'd find a cause for his issues. It was a relief to finally have a name and be able to connect with an amazing network of supportive families. 

Thomas has recently undergone surgery and had a gastrostomy inserted and is mostly tube fed. He also has an issue with the pylorus muscle in his stomach so this was looked at during his surgery. Thomas has really come leaps and bounds, he is thriving. 

He is now less aggressive and less violent towards us, however he will still engage in self injurious behavior. 

He continues to have poor muscle tone and uses a wheelchair when outside. He also uses AFO'S to help support his legs to walk. Thomas has recently been hit with another setback in terms of his physical health, he is awaiting a spinal x-ray to check and monitor developing scoliosis. 

Even with all this Thomas continues to smile and make us smile daily. Thomas is a wonderful human who loves life and shows us how to love!!

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