Dr. Bichell - COMBINEDbrain - Cures happen faster when unique disorders find strength in collaboration
Dr. Dallman - Miami - Sensorimotor integration in gut and brain of zebrafish Syngap1 and Shank3 models
Dr. Kolevzon - Mt. Sinai - Clinical Trail Readiness Endpoints and Outcomes
Dr. Smith-Hicks - Hopkins - Sleep & other potential biomarkers for SHANK3 & SYNGAP1
Dr. Chung - Simons - Simons Searchlight Registry Insights
Dr. Brimble - Ciitizen - Ciitizen Registry Updates on SYNGAP1 & STXBP1
Dr. Prosser - UPenn - Antisense olligonucleotide therapies for #STXBP1 & #SYNGAP1 disorders

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