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These are our introductory comments: 

Our presentation today discusses One Mom’s Journey parenting her son with Syngap1-related Intellectual Disability through the author’s book ‘More of Everything’.

I have the pleasure to introduce today’s speaker and author Janie Reade.  She is Mom to three adult sons, one who has a rare neurodevelopmental disorder.  JR, as she likes to be called, has a Phd in Human Genetics, but devoted her parenting years to her family, including her nonverbal and self-injurious son, 21 year old Joey, who was diagnosed with Syngap1 at the age of 16.

As a developmental biologist for most of her career, she spent her time observing and analyzing data from as many perspectives as possible.  She couldn’t help but bring those habits to parenting all her children.

As a volunteer with Syngap Research Fund, JR helps other Syngap families understand their genetic reports.  Through meetings with academic and industry scientists she helps the SRF leadership team determine the best way to accelerate the research and development of treatments for Syngap1 disorders.

‘More of Everything’ is JR’s short memoir of accepting her son and herself.  It is available on Amazon in both eBook and paperback formats.  In addition, More of Everything is being translate into Spanish, and an audiobook will be forthcoming later this year.

JR has retired from her career as a basic scientist and is now a Parent Coach.  JR helps parents who are working hard to parent their children and want to feel more connected, even in the face of developmental obstacles.  JR lives in Seattle.  Her languages are English and Joey Sign Language!

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