These are our Introductory Comments

Our presentation today is ‘Harnessing Messenger RNA Metabolism for the Development of Precision Gene Therapy.’

Dr. Coller is a Bloomberg Distinguished Professor of RNA Biology and Therapeutics at Johns Hopkins University. His lab has made seminal discoveries in the area of messenger RNA stability and translation.  He received his PhD in cellular and Molecular Biology from the University of Wisconsin and was a postdoctoral fellow in the Howard Hughes Medical Institute at the University of Arizona.  Prior to moving to Johns Hopkins, Dr. Coller served as Director of the RNA Center at Case Western Reserve University where he held the Henry Wilson Payne Distinguished Professorship.

He studies the very essence of life: translation of the genetic code. His work has led to fundamental shifts in the understanding of gene expression by demonstrating that the genetic code is a major determinant of mRNA fate. He is the Co-founder of Tevard Biosciences and Wyve RNA Therapeutics. In 2018, Tevard Biosciences was awarded Pfizer’s Golden Ticket award for promising neuroscience startups. His publications have been cited over 6 thousand times and he currently holds numerous patents for RNA-based therapeutic applications.

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