Here are our introductory comments: 

Today’s webinar is a bit of a departure from our usual scientific series. Instead, we will hear from the top fundraiser of both Sprint4Syngap 2021 and 2022.  In 2022 alone, she raised over $100,000 for SRF. Susan Tavilla had a successful career in hotel management and then made a surprising change. She came onboard at her brother's wholesale produce company, with the agreement that she would run the office. But she quickly discovered  that she had a knack for sales and, learning the business in the ground up, has since become the company‘s most successful salesperson.
She is a shrewd businesswoman in the very best sense of the word. She knows how to make a good deal, one that leaves every party satisfied. She has brought innovative techniques to the world of wholesale produce sales, and she brings some of those same ideas to fundraising for SRF. She is aunt to Syngapian Myla, sister to Syngap dad Ernie Tavilla, sister to SRF's Operations Director Sandy Smith and sister to SRF board member Stella Tavilla.


Download the very effective and well-written letter Susan mentions in her webinar.

This is the flyer Team Tavilla used for their event. 

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