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Meridusk9.com -- Service dog program -- Is a service dog right for you? -- FAQs about service animals from the ADA -- Email Cecilia Anastos at cecilia@meridusk9.com

Cecilia in the news

Artist creates uplifting, colorful contemporary pieces at new Ramona studio. Read more here.

These are our introductory comments from the webinar: 

Our presentation for today relates to “SYNGAP1 Service Dogs”

I have the pleasure to introduce today’s speakers, Cecilia Anastos and Virginie McNamar.

Cecilia Anastos is the owner and founder of Meridus K9, located in San Diego, California. Cecilia has over 25 years of experience training dogs. Her first mentor was her father when she started working with German Shepherd Dogs in the obedience discipline at age 16 years old.  From the start, Cecilia focused on developing a leadership relationship with the dog to gain a trusted companion that will follow cues at all times, not out of fear, but out of respect and love for its handler.  Cecilia's methods of raising puppies are unique and produce well-behaved and loyal companions. She is also an equine massage therapist and Cavaletti Trainer where she broke ground with these techniques at the San Diego Polo Club.

Cecilia is a well vetted instructor at law enforcement agencies and US Navy Special Operations Forces.

Virginie McNamar is a Syngap Mom and an SRF volunteer.  Virginie purchased a service dog from Meridus K9 a couple of years ago.  Her name is Guapa and she is the amazing companion and service dog to Virginie’s 6-year-old son, Ty, who has SYNGAP1.

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